Discovering Raising Daniels & Esthers

How many times are we asked to compromise on our beliefs? When is it appropriate to “go along to get along,” and when do we stand firm? From the safe distance of a Sunday school class discussion, the answer appears obvious – but it is not as easy when one is caught in the heat of the matter.  In this At the Movies anthology, I’ve selected key movie scenes where the story’s hero had to exercise faith in order to stand for a fundamental principle.  As a teenager sent into Babylonian captivity, Daniel did not compromise on his beliefs. God honored the young man for exercising his faith in a culture that sought to force him to submit and conform.  In this Anthology I’ve titled Discovering Raising Daniels and Esthers At the Movies, we’ll see ways to help our children and grandchildren learn how to have the courage of Daniel and Esther to stand for God’s truth in a way that allows them to influence their cultural surroundings.

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I hope you’ll consider using this with a High School or College group study and conversation. Or perhaps some pastors could be moved by God in developing a sermon for a church service.  

In this At the Movies anthology, I’ve selected key movie scenes where the story’s hero had to take a stand against impossible odds and act courageously. Just as in the prophet Daniel’s day, doing the courageous thing is often not the popular thing. CLICK HERE and I’ll give you access to a sample chapter using the movie National Treasure.