Deciding What You Want From The Journey

In this first “Journey Step,” I talked about identifying your goals in life, and identifying one or more skills you…...
May 26, 2021

Have you ever heard of a website called “Linked In?”  It’s the 21st century equivalent to a resume.  If all the changes in life leave you with your head spinning as you travel Your High-Tech Journey to a Linked-In World, this series of posts is for you. I hope you’ll Join me as I talk about deciding what you want from the journey.

David Lantz

Today, I unveiled something I’m calling “Your High Tech Journey to a Linked In World.” Along the way, I will talk about my struggles to learn and apply a myriad of technology tools that didn’t even exist when I was going to school. But I don’t want this to be a series of disjointed “tech tips” that you can get anywhere. Instead, I want to take a step back, look at the story of my life, and see how I came to learn the things I’ve learned, how I’ve set goals for myself, and then applied the things I learned to help me achieve my goals.

So, before we can strike out on this “high-tech journey to a linked-in world,” it makes sense to me to think about some “low-tech” skills that we all as regular people need to apply. Something my wife calls “common sense and logic.”

And so, in this first “Journey Step,” I talked about identifying your goals in life, and identifying one or more skills you use to achieve your goals. As I have thought about this for my life, Please review the accompanying image.  Here’s my encouragement for you:  See if you can create a similar matrix for yourself like the one I made for me.

Here is a bible verse I memorized a long time ago, and I think it fits well with the topic of Deciding What You Want from the Journey:  

Isaiah 32:8:  But the noble man devises noble plans; And by noble plans he stands. 

Today, I promised to provide you a resource.  I’d like to offer you my course, Think Like Jesus, Lead Like Moses.  Just click on this link.

Thanks for watching my video and reading this post. For other posts in this series on Your High Tech Journey to a LinkedIn World, click here.  I encourage you to add your thoughts that this lesson has sparked for you.  What steps will you take starting TODAY to act on those thoughts? Leave your comments below.

Thanks, and God bless.

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