Clash of Superpowers Course

Have you ever stopped to wonder how the rivalries between empires like Babylon and Egypt in ancient times might have been like the clash of superpowers today?  What if you could learn about these ancient conflicts and use that knowledge to help you better understand current events, as well as the Bible?  Using my novel, The Brotherhood of the Scroll, the companion course Clash of the Superpowers weaves adventure and the bible together to get young people interested in learning about the lessons of history. What’s more, as you look at facing personal moral challenges through the eyes of such ancient prophets as Daniel and Jeremiah, you’ll gain insight into how to apply biblical principles to confront similar issues that faced people just like you thousands of years ago. To learn about the readability of the novel, which has been rated at the 7th grade level (12-13 year-olds), please access a summary report by clicking here.

My granddaughter, who is a senior this year, was extremely interested in this book and in the lessons that went along with it. She is an avid reader of historical and biblical fiction but she is also very interested in world affairs. At her homeschool co-op, she constantly enrolls in a world view class that is offered by a retired Army chaplain, and is the one female face in the crowd where a lot of enthusiastic students eagerly debate world affairs. She has found the assignments helpful in honing her knowledge and opinion on current events. But she has also delved into the historical aspect of it and reads any archaeological articles she can find on Biblical history.  I am extremely impressed with this curriculum and if your high school student is looking for a meaty, not run of the mill, type of Bible curriculum then I highly recommend this. I think adult Bible study groups would also enjoy this. I always like the Old Testament studies the best! Brotherhood of the Scroll/Clash of the Superpowers – Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine