Pursuing Your Mission From God

Never before has life been in such a degree of flux. Our lives are lived at a rapid pace. Social structures like the family and the church, which once provided a sense of identity and community, have given way to internet chat rooms and spending significant time with our work associates. For many, life is empty, and because of that, people are exploring spiritual options. At the same time, there is a growing sense within the church that today, as never before, we need leaders. There are those who recognize the need to raise up godly individuals to provide leadership. What a wonderful opportunity for Christian evangelism! To seize this opportunity for evangelism, however, it will take individuals filled with the Holy Spirit who, like the sons of Issachar, “understand the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do” (I Chronicles 12:32). Pursing Your Mission from God is an ideal course for small group ministry teams.

“Pursuing Your Mission From God integrates leadership principles and truths from the Scriptures to challenge individuals, groups, and churches to faithfully follow their mission. David Lantz’s presentations are thoughtful, engaging, and require time for reflection. Although I took the course on my own, it is suitable for groups and would certainly cause fruitful discussion on leadership, vision, and team building.” – Pastor Josh 


“I love the detail the instructor gives and the course resources are second to none!” – Kenneth Green


“With this one, I thought the videos were short, I would be done with it quickly. I was wrong. These videos require deep reflection and I enjoyed what it made me realize about how to lead people. I am grateful for this course. I have 4 pages worth of thoughts. I’m even thinking I might need to take this course again in case I would have missed a gem! Thank you!” – Sandie Garland 

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