Think Like Jesus, Lead Like Moses

The Gray Champion is a mythical hero who sprang from the short stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne, an early 19th century writer. Heralded as a leader who appears in key moments in history to defend the American way of life, he comes in our darkest hour. The Gray Champion is not a monolithic figure. Rather, he is every man, or woman, who answers the call to stand up to inspire others in their local communities. Do you feel called to leadership, to become a Gray Champion in your business, church, or community? Do you have fears about how taking a stand will affect your personal finances, or doubts that you can even make a difference? Then this book is for you. Transparent, challenging, courageous and personally engaging. Think Like Jesus, Lead Like Moses: Leadership Lessons from the Wilderness Crucible takes you deep into the “head and heart” of the leader, Moses. As someone just like yourself who became a grass roots leader with the Christian Coalition in the 1990s, Lantz not only boldly shares his own learning mistakes in the crucible of leadership refinement, but also deftly illustrates key leadership principles via the life of Moses and modern film scenes. This book is not just another leadership book; it is a call to get humble and to turn the world upside down as we learn to think like Jesus and lead like Moses.

“Thank you David for a well written, biblically based book, which describes the crucible of life lessons of leadership. Your willingness to describe personal trials and lessons of leadership in the political arena, are thoughtful and thought provoking. The story of Moses leadership lessons is one which has rung true thru out the ages. I commend you for your willingness to use biblical examples as most people would not do so in the political arena today. These lessons are an excellent blueprint for any student of leadership in business or politics. Well done.”  

– Rick Link

“The term crucible in and of itself denotes ‘trial by fire’ and a ‘refining process.’ David’s transparency and honesty of his own fiery and refining trials gave me a ‘safe place’ to admit my failings and successes. As I read this book, I could hear Moses ask me, ‘Will you submit to God’s refining best in order be the leader He’s created you to be?’ I appreciate David’s courage and example to show how to ‘Get to the Other Side of the Hill.’“ 

 – E. Joyce Blake, Past Executive Director,
 Families in Global Transition, Inc.