Think Like Jesus, Lead Like Moses – The Course

Think like Jesus Lead like Moses challenges us to look to two of the world’s most successful leaders to see how they guide people in the wilderness. The course provides applicable insights into well-known leadership styles by constructing a bridge between commonsense business methods and profound biblical insights. David’s transparency and honesty as he shares his own fiery and refining trials gives you a “safe place” to admit your failings and successes.  

“I liked this course on Leadership Principles and how the Holy Spirit can guide me into becoming a better leader than I’ve been in the past and getting the courage to become a leader in BSF in the future knowing that with the principles taught in this course I’ll be a success. I also have the Book Thing Like Jesus, Lead Like Moses, which was very helpful.”

– James H. Milligan  

“In Think Like Jesus, Lead Like Moses, David Lantz offers many great insights into the leadership and thinking of Moses, one of my favorite Bible heroes, and Jesus, the Son of God and Savior of mankind. He also shares how you can apply their teachings in your own, God-given leadership opportunities. I especially enjoyed answering David’s ‘questions for further reflection’ following his thoughtful ‘ten principles of godly leadership’ lectures.”

– Jed Merrill