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As the former State Director of the Indiana Christian Coalition, David brings a wealth of personal experience to bear on reflecting about the political scene of our day.  David is available to speak to groups, and conduct workshops on leadership/church ministry topics.  

What Others are Saying about David Lantz

“Like so many ordinary people called to do extraordinary things, I observed David Lantz emerge from the grassroots to lead the Indiana Christian Coalition during my talk radio days in Indianapolis. His book, Think like Jesus, Lead Like Moses, serves as a road map for so many Americans who today are answering the call to rise up to become the “Gray Champions” of their local communities.”

– The Honorable Mike Pence, Former Vice President, United States of America

David Lantz came to Kosciusko Silent NO More at a critical time. Our leadership had grown weary and discouraged in the battle. I believe he truly prevented a “Conservative” Casualty for our group. As one of the leaders, I can say, his lessons came at the most critical time in my life. I had decided I was going to leave the battlefield because it was just too hard… His message – “Rise, a Knight, and Become the Gray Champion” came at the exact time I needed it the most. I don’t believe that was a coincident. It was a Divine Appointment! Thank you for your message.

– Monica Boyer, Silent No More Tea Party. Kosciusko County

“It has been my pleasure to work with David Lantz. In his book and seminar, Think like Jesus, Lead Like Moses, David clearly communicates positive leadership skills that allows those who are in the process of discipleship to best understand Godly techniques for effective ministry. You will be inspired and refreshed as you take this study with David.”

– Pastor Ed Fritz, Goshen First United Methodist Church

“When I was appointed interim pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Cincinnati, I knew I wanted to offer the congregational council a Saturday leadership training workshop. We not only decided to offer our own leaders David’s presentation Lead Like Moses but we marketed a Friday evening event to the community. From David’s presentation, FLC’s leadership team is focusing on new outreach ministries for the first time in years. Thank you David!”

– Rev. Mark Powell, Interim Pastor, Faith Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, OH

David Lantz Can Help You Create Engaging & Informative Video Projects

One of the things I’m interested in doing is helping conservative, pro-family faith-based organizations communicate their message via social media using videos and memes.  For years, I’ve written my books, articles, and newsletters, but the world is changing – and I’m learning to change with it.  I’ve spent a lot of time teaching myself how to make videos, and I’m looking for groups that might wish to do the same.  

One individual with whom I’ve worked is Trudy Eisenmann, with whom I worked to create a three part video series called “The Abolitionist Framework:”

“I have worked with Professor David Lantz over the past year and would like to recommend his website and courses.  David has a heart for today’s Christian who wants to make an impact on their world.    One book he authored is Think Like Jesus, Act Like Moses.  Professor Lantz  teaches how to engage in our culture, and help make Christians aware of the backgrounds of key leaders and their groups and various cultures that want to capture the minds and hearts of our generation.”

– Trudy Eisenmann

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