How to Teach With Technology Online

How to Teach with Technology Online is a course designed to introduce you to using five key technologies when teaching online – Microsoft Power Point, an online video creation platform called InVideo, a classroom video-intensive teaching LMS geared for all ages called Flipgrid, an online video meeting and teaching platform called Zoom, and a more traditional online online learning management platform called Canvas.  We’ll also briefly explore how to create your own Youtube Channel and how to use a tool called Loom to make “screen capture videos” for the purpose of demonstrating how to do something online.

As a result of this course, you will learn how to use the above-mentioned technology tools to teach in an online class, be it organized for synchronous, asynchronous, or blended online/face to face instruction.  Additionally, you will learn how to develop strategies for using technology to manage the flow of your content presentations and discussions.  Finally, we’ll explore ways to apply the concepts and tools provided in this course to the enhancement of any business marketing goals you may have. 


This course has really given me the basis for what I need to begin creating videos and memes. I am so pleased at the ease of use of the on-line lessons and knowledge I am gaining! I definitely recommend this course. – Diane Stover  


I find this course has a great flow and sharing the tools I need to use to do online training.Ronald Chandra

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