Discovering Truth At The Movies

To engage the culture, we must first “gain standing” with the culture. To “gain standing,” I must first demonstrate to you that I have something of value to say – and you, the listener, decide if it’s worth hearing. Paul did this in his sermon on Mars Hill in Acts 17. He engaged the culture- first by understanding it, and second, having a conversation with its representatives.  In the following sub-pages, I’ve chosen to engage the culture through the use of movies.  If you are someone  who wants to identify trends in society, discuss current events, and see how to reach the culture around us with a biblical world view, I think you’ll find these materials to be valuable tools – especially if you work in youth/young adult ministry. 

Raising Daniels and Esthers

How many times are we asked to compromise on our beliefs? When is it appropriate to “go along to get along,” and when do we stand firm?

How to Stand in the Gap

Americans fail to recognize that something has radically changed in the eyes of our brothers and sisters around the world. They see the American Church at best adrift, and at worst, apostate.

Courage Like Jeremiah’s

Jeremiah courageously spoke God’s word to a world that didn’t want to hear him. By studying his story, we can learn how we can apply God’s word with love and compassion to controversial issues in our day.

Mere Christianity

More than at any time in our history, people question whether or not Jesus Christ is really the Son of God. People may agree that there is a “higher spiritual power,” but they can’t see Jesus as being the only way to come to Him – or “IT.”

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