The Unraveling

Here’s what you will learn when you read The Unraveling of We the People

    • How Progressive leaders in the early twentieth century sought to re-engineer American society by changing the scope of public education.
    • Why removing our Judeo-Christian heritage from being taught in the public schools was a necessary step for introducing the “New Civics” of public education.
    • How 60s radicals like Bill Ayres of the Weatherman Underground continue their counter-cultural revolutionary movement from inside the halls of America’s leadings colleges and universities.
    • How young people who have been raised on the “new civics” curriculum, are now being recruited by liberal organizations, funded by people like George Soros, to dominate the “Viral Loop” via social media videos and blog posts.

What Is The Unraveling?

For the first half of America’s history, the Bible and writings based on the Scriptures served as the foundation upon which the character of the American people was built.

The Importance of Civics Ed

Author / Professor David Lantz joins Micah Clark, of the American Family Association of Indiana, to talk about his book The Unraveling of We The People.

Running for Political Office

Political campaigns are a contest between political candidates – between different world views on how to confront issues. To win, you need to Run Like Lincoln!

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