Acquiring the Skill of Public Speaking

Probably the most important skill I learned in life is the art of public speaking. I honed this skill as…...
June 10, 2021

If you have a message to communicate, but don’t see yourself as a good public speaker, what do you do?  Proverbs 23:7 says “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”  Join me as I share how attending a men’s retreat helped me change my internal thinking / “self-talk” and started me on a journey to Acquire the Skill of Public Speaking.

David Lantz: Author, Speaker, Teacher

In my first Journey Step talk, I discussed the three goals I have in my life, and the concept of thinking about the skills I’ve acquired in my High Tech Journey to a Linked In World.  My hope is that these talks will help you think about the goals you have for your life, the skills you will need to achieve them, and how you might go about acquiring the skills you think you’ll need.

Probably the most important skill I learned in life is the art of public speaking.  I honed this skill as a member of Toastmasters International, an organization I was a member of for 15 years.   Public Speaking is a skill I’ve used throughout my life.

Not long after joining Toastmasters, I went to a weekend men’s retreat featuring Josh McDowell as the speaker.  Josh impressed with this idea:  If I were to help train warriors for Christ, I would have to speak in a way that makes God’s wisdom acceptable to a skeptical world.  He went on to use Proverbs 23:7 which says “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

To that proverb he applied this application:  “If you don’t believe you can accomplish something, you won’t!”  The point is that to succeed at something, you must have faith:  Faith that God has called you to the task, and that He has equipped or WILL equip you with the skills you ‘ll need to accomplish that task.

From that moment forward, I began to think about how I could talk about my Christian faith as I went through the various speaking requirements of the Toastmasters program.  To this day, I use my speaking skills in my work as a college teacher, church elder, and other facets of my life.

What about you?  What thoughts has my story sparked for you? What steps will you take starting TODAY to act on those thoughts? Leave your comments here.

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Thanks, and God bless.

PS.  If you are looking for a “quick start” online course to give you some ideas in how to pursue the mission that God has given you for your life, you might wish to consider this course: Pursuing Your Mission from God   

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