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Personal Reflections from The Chronicles of Belteshazzar: Exile to Babylon

In Chapter 5, I explore the relationships that both Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar may have had with their fathers. I’ll use this discussion to consider the kind of relationship we have or (or had) with our earthly fathers.

Personal Reflections from the Chronicles of Belteshazzar: King Jehoiakim Surrenders

When I was the State Director of the Indiana Christian Coalition, I was reluctant to go to events and speak out.  I wasn’t sure how people would accept me.  While I was reluctant to do so, I knew that this was something I had to do.Back in 1997, I was driving to work,...

Personal Reflections from the Chronicles of Belteshazzar: The Story Begins

Thinking back on those years when I was a young father, they were not the best times for my own career.  In the movie, Meet the Robinsons, we see that a way to deal with failure is to keep moving forward.Sharing ideas and helping children learn can be a fun thing to...

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