The Brotherhood of the Scroll

In 1997, I came up with the idea for a “Tom Clancy” like novel set in bible times. I envisioned a group committed to preserving the Word of God as Babylon threatened to destroy Jerusalem. And so, following the time line of the Book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament, I conceived of a plot line in which Jeremiah, along with his two trusted disciples, Daniel and Ezekiel, worked to preserve God’s word in a world at war. Since finishing the The Brotherhood of the Scroll in 1999, I have now created a home school curriculum titled Clash of the Superpowers and a sequel, The Sword of the Scroll. Through these webpages, I invite you to take a few moments to learn about it and see if you might find it of use in working with young people to learn the truth of the bible.

The Brotherhood of the Scroll

The Brotherhood of the Scroll is the story of a world at war, in which a small group of prophets boldly proclaim that Jerusalem’s impending destruction is God’s will.

Clash of Superpowers

Clash of the Superpowers introduces students to the history, geography, and biblical meaning of the exile of Judah to Babylon, applying this to present day.

The Sword of the Scroll

In 585 B.C., kingdoms led by opposing gods vied for world domination.  Faced by demonic forces led by Zoroaster, Daniel must wield The Sword of the Scroll.

The Chronicles of Belteshazzar

Have you ever desired a way to teach your adolescent children / grandchildren how to stand up to peer pressure like Daniel & Esther did in the Bible?

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